Ibis on parade

I am drawn to running. The simplicity of throwing on a pair of shoes and exploring a new environment. So of course I was excited to find out Key West was having an annual half marathon on the past Sunday. I woke Paul up early and we ran to a spot where we might see the lead runners. We got to 1st street just in time to see runners rounding the corner. The race energy was contagious and Paul and I got caught up in the flow. We met a local man named Jaro who did the race every year. I kept him company through the final 7 miles and was rewarded in the end with a gracious hug. My first time being a race bandit and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mural progress: Every day there is a constant parade of people on bikes whizzing by over the canal. Many stop to comment and converse with Baily and I on the mural while others just throw verbal accolades. Standing on top of the scaffolding this morning Baily spied an egret parade coming down the street. Birds rule in this tropical land. They didn’t pay us much attention but looked more interested in finding food.

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The sun can sometimes be brutal mid day. I decided to take a break and get my desired swim in. I went down to Higgs beach on my bike, locked it to a fence, and jumped in the water. I think I may have been the only one swimming but I thought the water felt perfect. I swam over to a dilapidated pier and submersed myself into the watery world of key west fishes. Ahhhhh……