Sunset cruise

This was what you call a sunrise to sunset kind of day. It started with a 10 plus mile run that led Paul and I off the Island toward Boca  Chica Key. It had rained hard overnight and the roads were speckled with puddles of water. We were pretty hot and sweaty but the winds across the bridges kept us out of that uncomfortable zone where you feel like you are melting. Still, it was super hot and humid so when we arrived back at the van we both got into the canal to soak our tired legs.

Mural progress: Sorting of tiles, breaking tiles, trying to figure out what background to have when your supply of tiles does not arrive! Looks like extra mirror will be added.

Joe Weatherby, who’s house the mural is going on, is a gracious host and a Captain to boot. This evening he offered to take us all on a sunset cruise. The catamaran was pretty large and could fit way more people than we had going on the trip. Besides a fine captain we had 2 lovely crew ladies, a guitar accompaniment and a full bar. There is quite the celebration in Key West every night when the sun goes down. Many sail boats set out on the sea, people line the shore and decks cheering, singing, playing music and drinking varieties of alcohol. The real lucky ones get to feel the water beneath them and be carried by the wind seemingly closer to the sun. Then it happens so quickly, the sun disappears below the water and the sky illuminates with a pinkish orange glow. Now the show belongs to the moon and stars.

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