Race in Texas

Paul and I left on a Thursday , March 9th, to travel toTexas where I would meet up with my friend Gene Dykes. To make the journey a bit more comfotable we chose to do it in two days. We headed south on 285 to 40 E through Clovis then took 84 south to Lake Colorado City SP. Paul picked a spot by the water but it was a bit strange to see the lights of the power plant across the lake. Warm showers were a plus but otherwise we probably won’t be returning. Next morning we headed south through Eldorado Texas where Paul got his first speeding ticket. (school zone) He was distracted by a good podcast. J and J Reunion race was just outside of Rocksprings TX. Long bumpy dirt road to get to Camp Eagle. Bad news is that the camp does not allow dogs! What?? No one bothered to tell us so this put a damper on the weekend. Gene arrived on Friday and we discussed plans and went to bed early. Nice day for a race and although I could have probably done the 50 miles(Gene finished) I decided to DNF and go 30 miles. I wasn’t particulary fond of the course , rocks, roots and then it was way to hot for me mid day. Gene fell more than once and I kinda wanted to get into the river and hang with my dog. (Paul too)
After good byes we left on Sunday to head home this time taking the lower route. (90) So beautiful and makes me want to go back to Big Bend again. We headed to Balmorhea for a swim with the fishes . Lucky us going this way so soon after our last trip. Back on 285 heading north to home, we spent the night in the undeveloped area of Brantley Lake SP closer to the dam. It was pleasant and cheaper with nice views, and clean pit toilets. Headed out in the morning for home.