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To Wisconsin and Back September 2023

Visiting my mom is a journey in itself. I set out in the late afternoon from our home in Galisteo with Billy Goat. I wasn’t feeling well (pretty f*cking bad actually) but I needed to see my mom and how she was doing after a nasty fall. I drove until it was dark past Las Vegas , NM and Springer and slept at a rest area on 56. Poor Billy Goat had to deal with my cough and restlessness. As soon as the sun rose we headed through Kansas and parked for the evening at Brown State fishing lake. It was a lovely sunset but I had a hard time enjoying it. The lake was empty except for one other person. Quiet and free. The next evening I was at my mom’s and spent and enjoyable week with her. Thankfully I felt much better.
My sister Carrie decided to drive back with me. It was so nice to have her along and made the journey way more interesting with her playlists and podcasts. We left from Madison and stayed our first night in Lake Annita SP. in Iowa. It was a stormy evening but we were cozy in the van. Not many people in the park either. We took a little morning stroll along a path that goes around the whole lake. Back on Hwy 80 for awhile an then we headed to Little Jerusalem Bad Lands SP. There we went on a nice long hike to shake out our legs.Surorisingly beautiful hidden gem. We camped nearby at Historic Lake Scott SP with a view of the lake. Quiet and peaceful. In the mornng we did a trail run around the park which ended up being longer(and harder) than we expected. Whew! We got back to Glaisteo and home in time for dinner.