Monthly Archives: June 2017

Two of our favorite towns

Paul and I have some favorite places to visit and Ithaca, New York is one of them. It is not only because the place is so beautiful but the people draw you in with their affection and community involvement. I have many friends who have relocated there and from visiting over the years it feels a lot like home. I decided once again to enter the Cayuga Trail 50 mile race on June 3rd. It is a national championship race and I was hoping some of my trail running abroad would benefit me. The race seemed way harder than the last time I did it, some due to a change of course and warmer weather. I was glad to have my friend Gene run the first 25 miles with me before I slowed down.

We enjoyed the Ithaca Farmer’s Market the next morning. I love the breakfast burrito and was in line early for that. Afterwards we headed west towards Wisconsin stopping in Chicago to drop off some of Hannah’s things. She has a new job and will be living there for awhile. Chicago traffic was not fun and we arrived late at Mom and Dad’s.

They own a nice property in the country near Hartford. It is normally pretty quiet but because of the US Open down the road this year, more shuttle buses passed by during the day. The picture above is of mom’s crazy gnome garden.

We were happy to be in the area for Luna’s graduation from Shabazz City High School. A unique small school and a lovely ceremony where each student got to speak.

Anne and Pat held an outdoor party for Luna at their Madison home and many family members attended. Paul was relaxing in his chair before guests arrived. We parked our van in their driveway for the whole weekend. Madison is another town that we love. Two of my sisters, Anne and Carrie, live there and we visit quite often. The Marquette Waterfront festival was in full swing. Anne and I decided to participate in the boat parade “fool’s flotilla” on Sunday morning.

Pat dropped us up at the top of the canal. We tried to hang near the pontoon boat with a full piece band. We enjoyed singing along with all the revelers.

One more stop at Mom and Dad’s to help out in the garden and visit. Paul and I took mom to a nice Indian dinner at Mantra in Oconomowoc. A lot has changed in my home town but it is still a beautiful city of lakes.

Love you mom!