To Seattle and Back

I went the easy way to Seattle, by van. Paul on the otherhand rode his bike. He headed out three weeks prior and although I did help him out Day # 1: Camping at Abiqui Lake, the rest of the time he was solo.

On my drive I stayed overnight at Angel Peak Campground in N.M. Very pretty canyon and free! Just a bit off the road. The next day was a crazy long drive for me and Billy Goat. We landed at Balanced Rock County Park in Idaho. The water, singing birds and a nice trail were amazing and helped us relax and sleep well. Another free place.

Driving West early the next morning, I enjoyed the Idaho countryside. Stunning. I took a short hike in the Yakama Valley with Billy midday. Very hot. We met Paul on Vantage Hwy. where we picked him up for the night and camped at Sand Hollow Rec. Site. Nice cool Columbia River to swim in.

Next morning we meet up with the Matza Family, (Max, Kim, Zoe, Mike and Linda). We have a nice brunch and catch up a bit. Then I drive to Seattle and Paul finishes his last day on the bike. We stay at Bridget and Andrew’s home. Lovely walks in the Ravenna each day. Hike in Discovery Park, ride 1/2 around the lake with Bridget, Hannah and Sophie make us a tasty dinner. Paul and I spend a few days/nights on Orcas Island. We stop at Cap Sante viewpoint before the ferry. Camping at Moran S.P. in the northend campground. Billy and I walk around the lake in the morning. Doe Bay for a private soak, wow! Love this place.

Hike to the beach at Obstruction Pass. There are places to camp but all walk in. On our last day we hike up Mt. Constitution to the tower and back down. Drinks at Julia’s home on the water. Dinner at King Fish. A very late ferry back and drive to Seattle.

Carrie and George arrived. We walk and have lunch nearby. Paul makes dinner and early to bed. In the morning Carrie and George start on their bike ride across the country. Andrew and Bridget send them off at Anacortes. Paul and Hannah ride bikes, Billy and I run around Green Lake. I help Bridget with plants. Dinner at Magneson Brewery with Hannah and Sophie. Chilly out by the water.

Next day we have breakfast with Sophie and Hannah and eat on the lawn by their home. Then we head out to meet up with George and Carrie on the drive over to Winthrop. They needed some help and we were glad to be there. We drove to Brenda and Dennis’s house to stay for the night. Take out pizza and early bed.

I ride my bike the next day with George and Carrie. Warm weather but manageable. We end up in Omak at City RV Park. No one warned us about sprinklers!!! Carrie and George got woken up before sunrise. Carrie takes a ride day off and I go with George. We stop for some treats at the Tomasket Food Co-op. We meet up for camping at a private RV(rugged) spot in Wauconda. Turned out to be pretty nice. Next morning George and Carrie head out. We meet in Republic which is a cute town and it has a Food Co-op too!(more eggsalad for George) I ride the rest of the day over Sherman Pass. Camping at Canyon Creek FS campground. We soak our legs in the cool water.

Next morning we sadly leave Carrie and George and start our way back home. We have dinner in Butte Montana at Casagranda’s Steak House which was good but a bit pricey. Free camping at Homestake NF dispersed camping.

Today we drive to Yellow Stone and do the slow crawl through the park. Nice moments and views. Grand Teton is next and I loved this park. Stopped for lunch and a walk on the beach. Getting tired I found a camp ground off our road (US 191). Big Sandy West campground(Free) with mountain views but a lot of bugs. Quiet and a really pretty sunset.

We made a stop in Colorado at Freemont Pass and hiked around a lake. We actually had some snow to get through and it started snowing on us. Fun! For our last night out we camp in the San Luis Valley, Villa Grove (by the water tank) Stary skies, nice hike, quiet and views! All free! In the morning we make our way home. What a journey!