Monthly Archives: December 2016

Winter has arrived


The farm is definitely a much more pleasant experience when the sun is shining and in warmer temperatures. That being said I really did enjoy a recent frost and a week of unusually cold clear days. The south-west of England doesn’t normally drop to 17F/-7C but we had several nights that hit this temperature. Still, the mud freezes up and its much nicer to walk on and to go fell/trail running.


My days were spent mostly cutting down (lopping) hedges full of black thorn, ivy and many other prickly weeds I can’t name. I normally had company doing this.


Aaron is pretty amazing to watch clear the weeds. He does end up with his hands full of thorns and nicks. A new woofer from France, Tristan has been helping out this week. Just in time as my arms feel like they are ready to fall off.

dscn1528 dscn1535

Paul’s brother Nick came for a night to visit the farm. We had a community dinner and he met many people. He slept outside in his new tent because he wanted to try it out in cold weather. In the morning frost was covering everything, including Nick’s tent and bike. He did survive but I am sure he appreciated the warm van for coffee and breakfast.