And We’re Back……almost

I left England early in the morning on the 5th of May. ┬áMany means of transportation, bus to Heathrow, plane to Newark, train to Philadelphia and car to Evan, Rachel and Ozzy’s (and Delores the cat’s) home. There I was greeted with a chili dinner and margaritas.

I slept comfortably on the third floor which was my old massage room. Paul was still abroad visiting and speaking at an audio conference in France. He arrived back in the states on the 23rd. Until then I had some time alone and with friends and family.

This is a photo from the Manayunk Bridge where I would meet up with Gene for running in the morning


Runs in the Wissahickon Valley, on the Green Ribbon Trail and with my teammates in Coventry Woods

Art shows at PAFA, Trail’s end Cafe, and the Mutter museum panel discussion

Movies with Gene and son Evan

Dinners with Baily and Chip, Gene and Olivia, and Carole

Show at Rittenhouse Soundworks

Family dinners and seeing Nana

Momonita at Grape Street

After Paul arrived he went down to Baltimore to pick up our van. In the same day we traveled up to Princeton to be there early in the morning for Hannah’s crew race. Wellesley was competing for the National Championship and although Hannah’s boat placed second, the team ended up third place OA.

Hannah missed the graduation ceremony at Wellesley College but we had an intimate team reception and dinner where the four seniors received their diplomas. Happy Graduate and well done!

Paul found some sweet spots to park overnight while we were in Jersey. One by a watershed and another alongside the Delaware Raritan canal.

Back in Philadelphia we parked outside our friend’s Baily and Chip’s home. Memorial day came with a party and it was just nice enough to be outdoors. Reddy made delicious ribs and there was a pot luck of tasty side dishes. Family, food, friends, art, races, and fun. Nice to be back…..almost.