Javea – Mountains and the Sea

I am really digging the options for trail running and/or hiking in Spain. So far along the coast we have encountered numerous trails with variable skill levels. On easier days around Javea we would go behind our camper park and run through the orange groves without having to climb very much. You also have the sea front option but it is only flat for about 2-3 miles. Paul’s parent’s enjoy hiking so we spent one lovely day hiking up to the Molins de la Plana. (windmills)

We stop along the way to eat some lunch and enjoy the view.

The camp site in Javea has nice trees. We would prefer the sun as it is still a bit chilly in the shade.

A wonderful museum to visit in Javea is Museo Arqueológico y Etnológico Soler Blasco. It is in Old town and free! A lot of information about the town’s history and great displays. 

Here is a picture of the waterfront with the mountains in the background. Our next destination is up in the mountains at a sweet camping spot Vall de Laguar. Nick and I cycle up there through the orange grooves and almond trees. I love the small town, its market and the old washing areas that are situated along the hill sides.

We stay for only a few days and have time for one long hike with Lynda and Derek. I will end with some hiking photos and one of the campsite. Nick pitched his tent next to the van.