Trail Running in Southern Spain

Paul and I love exploring new areas and one of our favorite ways is to run. We run at a speed where we can take in all the surroundings and stop when we feel like taking breaks. Southern Spain does not disappoint us. While heading south from Seville we stopped at a recommended hike/run that Gene Dykes had done. We had to climb a huge distance up in the van to get to the Nature Park, El Torcal de Antequerra. We are up so high there is snow! Local children and adults are having fun throwing snowballs at each other. There is a visitor center and the paths are easy to fine. Amazing rock formations and views of the valley below.

Heading West we arrive in Cabo de gata which is near Almeria. Here there are pretty easy flat runs you can do along the beach on hard packed sand trails. We wanted to climb a bit so we headed to the lighthouse on our bikes (nice climb too) and locked them up there. We ran 5 miles north over some nice size hills and back. The trails themselves were easy enough to follow, just a lot of up, up, up, then down, down, down.

On the way to our next camp spot we decide to try another trail somewhat on route. We park our van in a small town called Agua Amarga. There we followed the trail sign south over the cliffs and spent the rest of the run ooohing and aaaahing as we rounded each corner or crested a hill. We reach Cala San Padro which is only accessible by foot or boat. There we find a rustic encampment that probably grows in the summer months. Sweet hideaway from the world.

Time to clean off the feet and jump back into the van, heading North up the coast.