Wales and the Elan Valley

After a lovely New Years eve in London with Vanessa and Victor, Paul and I set off early to pick up Hannah and then head to Wales. We rented a sweet cottage, Grofftau Holiday Cottages, near the Strata Florida Abbey. ¬†Our plan was to meet up with Paul’s dad and spend a day together. Hannah and I had never met John Davis, her paternal grandfather. We met John in Aberystwyth early in the morning on January 2nd. It was a cold morning so we all jumped into his car while he took us on a whirlwind tour. We got to Devil’s Bridge around lunch time and had coffee/tea and the lunch afterwards.


From there we went to see the Red Kites feeding at Bwlch Nant yr Arian visitor center. Beautiful day for Wales in the wintertime. At sunset we went town to watch the starlings by the pier. We met up with Paul’s half sister Karen and had more coffee/tea. Our good-byes felt awkward but real like the song, “who knows when we shall meet again”. Afterwards we walked back to our parked car. The night sky was crisp and dark which made the stars glow seem even brighter.

DSCN1812 DSCN1807

We spent the next day relaxing in our comfy cottage. Paul and I ran a bit on the local hills, Dinner was in the closest town, Pontrhyfendigaid (yes really) at the Black Lion Hotel. Very Good! We drove the next day through the Elan Valley and stopped to see sights along the way. It was rainy but still the valley has so much beauty you can enjoy it in any weather.


The Elan Valley is a place of beauty, mystery, and life. I can see why people come to visit then stay and live near the water, hills, and fresh misty air. The sheep are smart too.