Christmas in Bath

I feel blessed to have had such a wonderful Christmas with Paul’s family in Bath. The whole production was well organised as there were 11 people staying. Lynda actually made programs for all of us and put them on our pillows. Two of our children, Hannah and Evan, came over from the USA. The rest of Paul’s family traveled down from London. Vanessa, Victor, Natalie and Tom. Nick lives wherever he is at the moment. (in a tent)dscn1673

We slept in our Sprinter van parked behind the home while Natalie and Tom slept in Lynda and Derek’s ┬áMurvi van. They have very nice neighbors to accommodate us.


Our son Evan has not been abroad for 11 years. It was a special treat to have him over to share the holiday. Nick took this foggy evening photo of us.


My cousin Mick lives in Cambridge and was able to join us for two days in Bath. He really enjoyed listening to Evan’s new music collaboration called Fett. Soon to be available for your own listening and dancing pleasure.

Most of our days involved DIY breakfast, Lunch, tea/coffee, an exercise of choice (cycling, running,walking, yoga etc..)


We also played games, read poetry by candlelight, did Christmas quizzes and ate so much delicious food and drink. On boxing day a few of us sampled the sales with varying degrees of success.


Here is the group of us on Christmas morning with Uncle Terry, Aunt Pat, and cousin’s Toby and Ben added to the mix. Very memorable time had by all.