Thanksgiving in England!

For many people who live and work on Radford Mill Farm, this was their first Thanksgiving dinner. Common Questions: So why do you have this tradition? Why is it so similar to the Christmas feast in England? We could only offer that it is celebrated in the States as a way of giving thanks for all your blessings. Many include being grateful for an abundant harvest, your health, your family and friends. We asked each person at the table to share what they are currently grateful for. It was very connecting and Paul and I were so happy to share our family tradition with others.


The feast included a turkey roasted by Richard (the farm owner)


Paul and Helga made the remainder of the feast which included stuffing, gravy, sweet mash, roasted potatoes and veg, brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce.


And let us not forget the pumpkin pie! With fresh whipped cream of course. We had a wonderful time and here are a few more photos of the day.