Sage Gardens

Paul and I have found that time does fly but in a relaxed sort of way here at Sage gardens. When we arrived last Wednesday we were greeted with 4 generations of open arms. Can a family really be this friendly and welcoming? The answer is yes, we have felt less like wwoofers and more like guests here. Debby and Sid have a very comfortable homestead with a vegetable garden, chickens for eggs, and a plethora of dogs (including Sam the collie, who has so far run about 15 miles with us).


Debby is involved with many projects and at the moment one is getting her kitchen certified as a commercial kitchen. She can then cook and sell food products and also rent out space to other people. The garden and home have a nurturing feeling which brings both sustenance and love to this family.

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Debby has recently become aware of the benefits of eating whole foods in a plant based context, and has gone beyond that to a vegan diet for herself. The family is supportive and the food Paul and I have eaten has been tasty. We enjoyed a gathering of friends last night that share her interest of healthy foods and living. It was a potluck dinner and Paul contributed his West African peanut soup from a Moosewood cookbook. I really loved the variety of people that have found their way to the Texas hill country of Bandera. Ceramic artists, woodworkers, gardeners, entrepeneurs, beer makers, restaurant owners, beauticians, and of course cowboys and gals.

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There is beauty in these wide open spaces and hills. We have been mostly enjoying our runs and the weather looks like it will continue to brighten. We spent last Saturday running 20 miles in Hill Country SNA on the rugged trails that they have for hikers and equestrian use. The views were outstanding and the trails although challenging had enough of a variety to be forgiving. This landscape is what drew Paul and I here to begin with.

Today I spent the morning weeding and clearing the garden of debris. It is a pleasure to be outdoors and in such a tranquil space. I don’t know what other wwoofers will think about this place but I have a feeling they may not want to go home.

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  1. Theresa Sachse

    Hi Julie, I know it’s been so long since I’ve connected. We got back from uncle Jim’s a week adn a half ago. It’s been so hectic ever since. This is the first time I’ve even looked at Facebook. I was so glad to see that you are in such a good place and seem to like the people so much. I f we ever get to Texas again we’ll have to look up the place. We were planning to head down to uncle Pat’s today but had some major plumbing problems here and have still not gotten it all resolved. I guess it just isn’t our year to travel. We do hope to go to Germany in June with Uli and Friedel. We’re going to concentrate on getting that arranged as it really isn’t that far away (June 8 – 18th) It’s been absolutely beautiful here all last wk. 50’s and 60’s. Have fun on the rest of your trip. Love You, Mom

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