Leaving the Farm

It is strange how one can get conditioned to new places and styles of living so quickly. The sounds of the roosters crowing, the smell of pig manure and smoked meat, sparkling starry skies, bird poop everywhere, dogs barking, birds clucking and I am not sure what the guinea hens do but they sure are noisy.


It’s been a little over three weeks since we arrived at Countryside Farm and today we are leaving. My first woofing experience has been challenging on some days but mostly it has been a means of self-awareness about what you can do when someone needs your help.


Sebastien is the kind of person who can and probably will get most things done on his own, but he really appreciates help when you can give it and was always thankful to me.


Katie (a past wwoofer who now lives on and helps run the farm) is there to help him daily. I have seen many people through the farm and enjoyed the conversations, the food, and the memories. I can’t imagine myself owning and operating such a farm but maybe this is my age showing. Your heart needs to be there for the day in and day out demands to keep it running. My heart is clearly not there. I was happy when Dave mentioned to me that they needed a new sign for the farm gate. This I could do! I found some scrap wood and put together a sign and hung it up before we left. I hope it will also bring fond memories of Paul and myself.


Au revoir Countryside Farm.