Time keeps on slipping…..

When first arriving in Key West I felt as though we had loads of time. I would help Baily out daily on her mural project and then spend some time during the day or evening exploring. The mural seemed to be progressing at a steady pace with some days more productive than others. I knew at the end of the first week I would not see the project to fruition. The mural will be completed in the subsequent weeks without me. Check on Baily’s FB page for finished photos. https://www.facebook.com/BailyCypressMosaicLLC


I am grateful for the opportunity to have spent three weeks in paradise and the friendship that led me there. Paul and I feel we have made new friends and thank the hospitality of Joe Weatherby, George, Carla, George Robert, and their lovely dog Bandit.

f0284864 Baily and I were invited to a poetry reading in honor of Jose Marti, a Cuban National hero and poet. While I enjoyed his poetry I wanted to leave this post with a poem by Jack Hackett (Tortuga Jack)

don’t they seem so shallow
don’t they seem so deep
these waters that we traverse
these waters of thought and speech

sometimes the words are spoken
directly from the heart
sometimes their carefully chosen
for the message they impart
and don’t they seem so shallow
don’t they seem so deep